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Self-Heal Herbs has been providing quality herbs, supplements, well-researched proven advice and much more to the Victoria community since 1976. The high quality and freshness of our herbs and our hands-on approach with our clientèle has been the secret to our success. As we start a new year and a new phase in our history, we are more committed than ever to being a trusted source for all your herbal and health needs.

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While you may know that you want to live a healthy, natural lifestyle, you may not know how or where to begin. This is where our knowledgeable staff comes in; we are always on hand to answer your questions, provide personal consultations, and help you educate yourself with our extensive collection of books you can purchase or consult on-site. It is our dedication to share the wisdom of our cumulative experience, our personal touch, and our dedication to superior service that have earned us the trust of a loyal client base and we look forward to helping even more people discover how essential oils, minerals and other natural products can enhance their lifestyle.

Mail Order Available

Place your order by phone or email and we will be happy to ship your healing herbals anywhere across North America. Here at Self Heal, we don't believe you should be penalized for living outside of Victoria and in turn we charge no handling/packaging fees. All you pay is the price of the products and the lowest shipping charges we can find.


Plant of the Month: Teasel Root

(Dipsacus sylvestris, Dipsacus follonum)

Indigenous to Europe, this hardy bi-annual has naturalized to much of North America. With its beautiful rosette of leaves and its thorny broad stem, Teasel's flower spike can reach the impressive height of 6+ feet.

Throughout the years, Teasel Root has been used for a vast number of health concerns. Topically it can be used to alleviate warts, fistulas and sores. Internally it is pain relieving, stimulating to the nervous system, anti-inflammatory, appetite promoting and assists in the removal of liver obstructions. Within the realms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Teasel Root is often used to treat traumatic injury to the joints and muscles (through tonification of the kidneys and liver blood).

Currently, Teasel Root's claim to fame is its efficacy in treating Lyme Disease. This powerful plant is incredibly helpful in reducing chronic inflammation of the muscles associated with Lyme. Another impressive feat is Teasel's ability to pull bacteria from muscle tissue and release it into the blood stream, where the immune system and anti-bacterial agents can eradicate it.

Feature Products

Gaia's Garden Medicinal Remedies

We are proud and excited to introduce you to the medicinal remedies of Gaia's Garden. With products for the whole family, Gaia's Garden medicinals are lovingly crafted right here in Victoria, BC. We currently carry the following products:
Pau d'Arco Salve - Ideal for fungal infections, skin irritation, bug bites and dry skin.
Yarrow Salve- A great blood remedy used for cuts, burns, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
Arthritis Pain Relief Salve- For the relief of the aches and pains associated with arthritis. Sacred Breast Lymphatic Massage Oil- To disperse lymphatic stagnation in the breast tissue and promote over-all tissue health.
Wise Woman Spray- A calming and hormone balancing blend for the wise woman in all of us. Aromatherapy Sleep Spray- Drift off to sleep to the soothing scents of lavender, sweet orange, hops, patchouli, yarrow and German chamomile.
Chakra Sprays- Let these beautiful and powerful scents guide you through your sacred work.
Faerie Magic "Monster Spray"- A sweet blend for children who wake up with nightmares...Let them be empowered and spray those monsters away!!
Tummy Relieve- This soothing blend calms and comforts little tummies having troubles.

Past Features

Creating a xenoestrogen-free world, one product at a time.

Because everything you put on your body, goes in your body. ZeroXeno offers a wide variety of non-endocrine disrupting products for both your hair and body.

NATURIGIN Organic Hair Dyes

Love Your Hair - Love Your Colour! New Hair Dye Technology from Denmark

With ECOCERT certified organic ingredients and an all natural cutting-edge formula, NATURIGIN offers you the most natural dye on the market at a competitive price. Their 19 permanent shades contain the lowest measured PPD (Para-phenylenediamine) levels and leave your hair soft and beautiful! No nasty fumes, no harsh ammonia smell; just luscious shine and glorious colours (and it covers gray hair too!) with no toxic chemicals. Good for you and the environment!