A Language of Spirit

Photo credit: Paul Anderson

Photo credit: Paul Anderson

Stop for a moment and take a breath. There is a silent exchange happening between you and the living world. We breathe in oxygen released by the plants and breathe out the carbon dioxide they use. It is an unspoken language of give and take.

Smoke is almost breath made visible. Something normally intangible made tangible. It is the magickal and alchemical burning away of form to release the spirit. It is a mysterious shapeshifter. Curls and wisps and tendrils create images that appear and disappear, changing direction on a gust of air.

Used for centuries in ritual for purification, invocation, it is a gift to the spirit world. Plants and resins have been burnt for protection and as a medicine. In the oldest surviving English herbal manuscript, The Saxon Leech book of Bald, smoke and herb baths were prescribed for all kinds of ailments.Inhaling mullein smoke is said to prevent asthma attacks. We forget that plants cure not just as teas and tinctures. they touch and heal us through all our senses.

Take a journey with me on a wisp of smoke, awaken from the amnesia you were lulled into. We will use Sweetgrass for this journey. Let the scent of her answer the call of your own longing. She is the blessings of the Grandmothers,ancient and wise. Light her with respect for her deep medicine.Let her sweetness caress you. Let her smoky fingers work through your being. Moving through the layers of your soul to a memory , a truth you always knew. Remember being the child held in the arms of summer warmed earth, looking into an endless blue sky. Hear the sound of insects and the wind in the trees. This is inside you. You are a child of the earth. There is no separation . Your wild spirit moves intuitively in step with her. She whispers the stories of the dreaming earth to you. She is a thread of smoke leading back to belonging. Her speech is only understood in the silences that happen in deep relationship were no words are necessary. Have patience , it will take time to relearn this silent language, to speak with smoke. It is a beautiful courtship of spirit.